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Son Michael overseeing our annual lambing season.  He is the farm manager and is primary caretaker on our multi-species pasture based farm.

McDonald Farm is a 220 acre  pasture based, multi species, multi-generational small family farming venture located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY.  Owned and operated by the Peter McDonald family, McDonald Farm is developing into a successful model for fulfilling relationships between soil, animals and people through a farming enterprise dedicated to restorative agricultural practices for clean food production. 

Restorative Agriculture is the name of the operational model McDonald Farm created to produce the "Big Six", chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, pork and eggs.  The symbiotic relationship between soil organic matter and mineral content, along with ample moisture, sunshine and natural seed base provide all that is needed to nourish and grow out the most healthy, stress free and nourishing table meats possible.  Unfortunately, most of the farmland available for purchase today has been depleted by decades of conventional row crop farming practices.   If sustainable practices seek to put back what is taken out, then we believe Restorative Agricultural practices are beyond sustainable, as they require  putting back twice what you take out. This way, the land is replenished and restored while the farmer makes a  living.    There is nothing like a multi-species grazing enterprise to help in both fertilizing the soil and stimulating the natural seed bank for a lush pasture.

The Clean Food Movement  is the name we use to both identify and then rally to the call those who recognize the importance of producing and consuming clean food.  It is a protocol of growing practices whose end result is the most healthful food one can possibly eat.  Clean Food means the absence of chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and genetically modified grains as well as animal stress events like  ear notching,  teeth removal, horn removal, chemical worming and confinement housing.  Clean food also acknowledges that ruminant livestock, whose 4 stomachs are uniquely and perfectly suited to receive all the nutrition needed for breeding, birthing, raising and growing out, require only forage based feed.   There is no need to feed citrus pulp, animal byproducts, moldy bread, chicken manure, or any kind of grain, organic or conventional, to beef, lambs, fallow deer, buffalo or goats.  The species that do require grain are broiler chickens, turkeys, ducks, laying hens and pork and this grain is always fed along with as much forage as they can consume as either pasture during the growing season, or baleage, haylage and hay in winter.   Clean Food is the only food we should be eating.  Encouraging stores and restaurants to carry it, and encouraging farmers to grow it is one of the most significant actions we can take in preserving the agricultural integrity and antiquity of our communities. 

McDonald old fashioned farm with a modern twist!   Welcome to this website.  While the McDonald family seeks to grow clean food at a slow pace and with an arm's length relationship with our livestock, our commitment to spreading the word on Clean Food and Restorative Agriculture practices is a driving force.  The new twist is the world wide web.  Now, with the tremendous volume of research available to anyone who is computer savvy, the web can provide any information you need to discern what foods you should eat to maintain maximum health and well being. What we do here is grow the absolute best chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, pork and eggs we know how to grow and then we offer it to local families who have 'logged on' to the facts supporting clean food production.  We provide healthy food products as far away from the industry standard of confinement animal production as possible because the quality of life of our family, friends and animals is very important to us.

Pasture Pride McDonald Farm is a pasture based enterprise. Pasture Pride is the name we have used since 2001 to brand the issues and products we feel are essential to successful small family farmiculture.  We want to encourage anyone who has the interest and desire to learn more about taking a 'giant leap grass based agriculture'.  Restorative agricultural practices that produce clean food are the only way to return health to the land, animals and people, and in the process, restore relationship, hope, trust and community between local producers and consumers. 

Thank you  for visiting our website.  Over the next few days, weeks and months, we look forward to your emails, questions and comments as we continue to labor at this endeavor.  It is a true joy to be fully engaged in this very worthwhile effort.  If there is any way we can assist your search for clean food farming, or clean food purchasing please contact us.

best regards,                                                                                    

Peter McDonald and family.